Monday, May 18, 2009

Paneer Pudding

5/18/2009 10:32:00 PM
Pudding most often refers to a dessert, but can also refer to a savory (small dish) dish in some dialects.

Interesting Fact: In the U.S., pudding denotes a sweet milk-based dessert similar in consistency to egg-based custards. These are commercially available pre-made or in instant or boiled versions.

The word pudding probably comes from the French boudin, originally from the Latin botellus, meaning "small sausage," referring to encased meats used in Medieval European puddings.

Now, when it comes to a dessert I have lots of things to try with. And so I thought of trying a Paneer Pudding and belive me its delicious dessert you ever tried.

Grated Paneer 1 cup
Cornflour 4 tbsp
Sugar 1/2 cup
Water 2 cup
Vanilla Essence few drops
Chopped Pistchios 1/2 cup

Make the thin sugar syrup of water and sugar.
Add grated paneer and let it cook for few minutes.
Add diluted cornflour and cook it till it slightly thickens.
Add vanilla essence.
Remove from fire.
Transfer to serving dish.
Garnish with chopped pistachios.
Referigerate and serve chilled.


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