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Instant Chole Shimla Mirch Masala

While my stay in Munich, I have tried this kind of variations with the things available at home. Unfortunately, I have no pictures for this recipe. But this recipe is far better then the original Cholle Bhatura recipe which is relished by many of us. I would surely recommend all of you to try out this variation which results in mouth watering recipe like this.

Preparation Time : 45 mins.
Cooking Time : 1 hour.

1 cup kabuli chana (white chick peas), soaked overnight
1/2 tsp cumin seeds (jeera)
2 onions paste
1 Chopped Shimla Mirch
1 1/2 tbst Ginger Garlic Paste
1 tbsp Garam Masala (Homemade will make wonders)
2 tsp chilli powder
1/4 tsp turmeric powder (haldi)
1 tbsp coriander (dhania) powder
1 tsp cumin seeds (jeera) powder
2 tbsp oil
salt to taste

For serving
1 onion, sliced
4 lemon wedges

Pressure cook the Kabuli chana with the tea bag for 3 whistles until they are soft . Drain and keep aside. Discard the tea bag.
Heat the oil in a pan, add the cumin seeds. When the seeds crackle, add the onion paste and saute till the onion leaves oil or till all water is dried out.
After this add ginger garlic paste and sauté till raw smell of Ginger garlic paste is vanished.
Add Chopped Shimla mirch and saute for some more time.
Add Garam Masala Powder and saute futher.
Once everything is properly fried oil will start leaving.
At this stage add the Kabuli chana and fry for 2-3 mins.
Now transfer this mixture into pressure cooker and add 1 cup of water and mix well.
Now add Chilli powder, Turmeric Powder (Haldi), Dhania Jeera Powder and Salt as per taste.
Simmer for 1 or 2 minutes. Now, place the lid and pressure cook for 3-4 whistles.

Yummy mouth watering Instant Chole Shimla Mirch Masala is ready.

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