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What is Bundt Pan? (Know your Kitchen Accessories)

What is Bundt Pans?

Bundt pans are cake pans that bake up a cake that is more stylish and impressive. Bundt pans comes in 10 or 12-inches diameter and are up to 5 inches deep, with a hole in the center that ensures that the deep cake bakes evenly while it is in the oven. Over the years, the pan style became so popular that manufacturers started to branch out into more creative designs, not limiting themselves to the traditional ridged round cakes. You can also now find bundt pans in silicone and other materials.

But question is How to Use Bundt Pans?
You can use your Bundt Pans normally as you use your Spring Form pans or Muffin Pans.

Silicone Bundt Pans are in demands now a days because Silicone is a type of material that is flexible, heat resistant and non-stick.

This combination makes Silicone the perfect material for bakeware. Bundt is the brand name of the popular cake of the same name baked in a tube pan with fluting on the sides. Silicone prevents the cake from sticking in the pan, and since it is flexible, you will be able to store your pan folded up inside of a kitchen drawer or cabinet. It will return to its proper shape when you pull it out.

Silicone is heat resistant up to 500 degrees F. Since this is the highest temperature ovens will reach, you can safely use your silicone Bundt pan into the oven at any temperature.

Spray the inside of the silicone Bundt pan with cooking spray.

Bundt pan should be placed on a baking sheet. This will both prevent the pan from discoloring if your oven is set to a high temperature and give you a stable surface to bake the cake on.

Bundt Pan should be filled no higher than 3/4 of the way full.

Cakes baked in silicone Bundt pans might bake faster or slower depending upon how evenly and quickly your oven heats.

Leave the cake pan on the baking sheet until the cake has completely cooled.

Turn the silicone Bundt pan upside down over the serving platter and gently move the sides and shake the pan until the cake comes out cleanly on the platter.

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