Monday, December 5, 2011

Mixed Lentil, Banana and Mint Kebabs

12/05/2011 05:11:00 PM

2 raw, green bananas, peeled and chopped
1 small potato, boiled, peeled and mashed
1 cup of mixed lentils
1/2 onion, chopped
3 tsp of ginger-garlic paste
2 green chillies, minced
1 tsp of jeera powder
½ of dry mango (amchur) powder
Breadcrumbs to coat
Salt to taste
Oil to fry

1. Pressure cook the lentils with two cups of water and salt until they are done.
2. The dal (Lentil) should still be a little coarse in the kebab. Drain and keep this aside.
3. Blanch the bananas just until they turn soft and can be mashed.
4. Now take all the ingredients together, except for the oil, breadcrumbs and salt, and mash them until it can be kneaded into dough.
5. Adjust the salt and knead again.
6. Divide into equal portions and flatten with your hands to form discs that are half inch thick.
7. Coat these in the breadcrumbs and allow them to rest for five minutes before deep frying in hot oil until golden brown all over.
8. Serve hot with mint chutney.


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