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Food Tips : Part 1

1. BREAD CUTTING : If the bread is too soft to cut into pieces, hold the knife close to a flame and then slice the bread with it.

2. EGG WHITE : If you need only the egg white, for storing the remaining yolk, cover the yolk with water or milk and keep in a cool dark place. Just drain off the liquid before using the yolk.

3. PASTRY DOUGH : Mix extra pastry dough, to the breadcrumb stage, and store in airtight container in refrigerator. Use as and when required, for simple and quick result. Same dough may be used in a number of tarts, pies, cookies and puddings.

4. PUDDINGS & DESSERTS : Add a little powdered lemon rind to puddings or desserts to avoid the smell of egg.

5. FRENCH FRIES : If you want to make crispy potatoes or banana chips, sprinkle salt water over them while frying.

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