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Baby Corn : What are they? How To Use Them?

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It belongs to the maize family and this cereal grain is harvested when they are small in size and immature. They are handpicked and since they mature quickly, one has to have clear understanding as to when to harvest it. It is usually pale yellow, blue, pink to off white in colour depending on the variety and is sold in the market in bunches. Since it has a bland taste, it is appealing all around the world and is used commonly in Asian cooking.
How to select
Check for freshness when you hold the cob. It should be firm yet tender to touch. You can purchase them fresh in bunches or buy branded canned baby corn from super markets.

Culinary Uses
· It can be eaten raw or cooked. Raw, it is eaten as salads. Serve raw with other vegetables along with a dip of your choice. However most recipes use cooked baby corn. The best way to cook baby corn would be to blanch it and use in recipes. However note that baby corn doesn't take much time for cooking and whether used blanched or directly stir fried, the texture and the firmness (crunch) remains the same. To blanch baby corn, add the baby corn to a pot of boiling water and allow boiling for 15 seconds. Remove and place in cold water. This will prevent "carry over" cooking. Drain off the water and use as required.
· Since it is used mostly in Asian cooking and specifically in Chinese cooking, you will find it in schezuan stir fries, starters, gravies and so on. Dip baby corn in oriental batter and deep fry. Serve with Chinese sauces. Alternatively use it in gravy dishes like baby corn Manchurian etc.
· In Indian cuisine, you can enhance the taste of kadhai and tandoori dishes using this ingredient.
· Since it cooks easily, it is a common ingredient in stir fries, pastas, pizzas, quiche, savoury tarts etc.
· Use it in broths and other soups to add variety to your recipe.

How to store

Store in freeze bags or zip lock bags and place in the fridge diction of your refrigerator. However, it is best used fresh. To store cooked baby corn, place cling film on the container in which you have placed the baby corn and use within a day.

Health Benefits

Baby corn is high in Vitamin B- folate and is a good source of nutrients like potassium, Vitamin C, riboflavin, fiber etc.

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